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Custom Graphic Services


  Need something extra? Well don’t be shy — tell us what you want! We just might be able to help you out. Here are a few of the custom clip art services we can provide for a small extra charge:

Colorized Images. Some software applications won’t allow you to change the color of your TIFF files. No problem. Let us know which images to convert, and which color you need, and we’ll do all the work.

Vectorized Images. If you like a particular image in our library but you’d like to be able to edit it on your own, we can usually turn that TIFF file into an EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file to work with your illustration or graphics software.

Oversized Images. Thinking really big? Posters, signage and displays all need crisp artwork at larger sizes. We can rescan our images to work for your particular application.

Original Images. Got something special in mind? A logo, perhaps, or an illustration you haven’t found in our library. Sketch it out and send it to us. We’ll let you know how much it will cost to create custom artwork for use on your computer. (By the way, if it’s something we can use in future ChiroClips offerings, we’ll do it at a discount!) Check out some of the custom-designed logos we've created on our "Using Images" page.



Online Links to Stir Your Imaginations


Free Graphics!

Why do you want images? That's simple. An image is worth 1000 image helps you tell your story and engage your audience.

Why do websites give away free images? That's simple, too! To bring you back for more - and maybe visit their store!

Here are a few places to start. You can also search online for "Free Images".

Characters, Symbols, Fonts, Textures


Click on this button to find out how you can access THOUSANDS of images, textures, templates FOR FREE!


Here are a couple of my favorite links for free photographs:



PoteQuote plus Quozio = Quick Post! PoteQuote + Quozio - change it up fast When ready, click to post to your favorite sites!


So...I love this...especially when pressed for time. You will need to set up Quozio first, so you have the bookmarklet on your browser to capture the quote but it's worth it.

First, find a great quote here ...
Then, decorate and post it here ...

 Quozio works for any quote or text you find online. You highlight the text, click the bookmarklet, then choose the post style. When ready, click to post!


Software - free and easy way to capture images online or anywhere - This is what I use to design and create most of my posts - it's simple, versatile and fast.
        $30 upgrade to JING gives you LOTS of graphic capability. Get a 1 mondth Free Trial and see if you like it. - free graphics software. An alternative for some to Adobe Photoshop. - Graphics and drawing program with a loyal following.


Post Scheduling Services

Facebook allows you to schedule your page posts (past and future), which is nice and convenient.

Here are some others that offer scheduling and additional services: - free and premium service available for bulk uploads; nice design templates - free and premium service available