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What is Clip Art ?

So, you ask, What is Clip Art?

The term "clip art" is used to describe any illustration available for use by the general public.

The concept dates back to the time when most folks purchased books of illustrations rather than paying an artist to draw one-of-a-kind illustrations. They then proceeded to clip out illustrations from the book and paste them onto their fliers, brochures, ads or stationery for reproduction by a print shop.

Now that most of us have computers, clip art comes on disk. Computerized clip art refers to a variety of different images, usually line drawings, ready for placement into your text documents. It's like having an artist right inside your computer! Just pick the image you'd like to use and place it into your document using the Import, Place or Insert Image commands. Your software will also allow you to resize the image to fit your layout.

Three Great Ways to Enhance Your Practice

ChiroClips can help you turn the traditional into the terrific!

Make the most of your computer's word-processing or desktop publishing capabilities to create exciting, effective and easy-to-produce camera-ready artwork with ChiroClips. (Or, have your graphic designer or print shop include your ChiroClips images in their next project for your practice.)

ChiroClips offers sophisticated computer "clip art" — graphic images you can use directly from disk. Prepared as TIFF files, ChiroClips images are compatible with virtually any Mac or Windows application. Just click and paste. It's that simple to…

  • Create a "corporate image." A logo symbol says so much about who you are and what you do. Choose the perfect ChiroClips logo to help establish the right image for your practice. Then include your new logo in all your business cards, stationery, signage, patient literature, advertisements and printed promotions.
  • Promote your practice. If one picture is worth a thousand words, then ChiroClips can help you speak volumes. Use our bold and beautiful images to create eye-catching announcements, ads, fliers, brochures and more!
  • Educate your patients. Help your patients understand how they might benefit from quality chiropractic care. ChiroClips can help you illustrate everything from slides and multimedia presentations to handouts and healthcare materials.

Get professional results right in your own office. Or let us give you a hand — we offer many custom services.

Show And Tell

Are you at a loss for a great idea for your next promotion? See how other chiropractors are using ChiroClips to add impact to their newsletters, office forms, patient education, advertisements, signs and other displays.

Create a "Corporate Image"…

"Choosing the perfect ChiroClips logo helps establish the right image for your practice. Once you've made your selection, use the logo for all of your stationery to create an instantly recognizable look."

Lou Caimano, President
Jersey Jingles, Paramus NJ

Add Impact To Your Output…

"ChiroClips had just the icons and anatomical images I needed to illustrate my patient education materials. And what a relief it was to find lots of great pictures of women DCs for my brochure!"

Dr. Linda Moscowitz
Rainbow Chiropractic, Oceanside NY

Put Some Pizzazz In Your Promos…

"When your patients see illustrations of people enjoying good health, the message is clear: Chiropractic care works!"

Dr. Dave Runfeldt
Total Health Chiropractic, Lincoln Park, NJ

Custom-Designed Logos

Do you have a special logo or illustration in mind?

Tell us what you'd like, and we'll prepare a computer-ready image exclusively for your practice!

Thanks for your interest in exploring new ideas. We will continue to display new art in the future. Please check in again soon!

Tips & Tricks

Desktop Design 101: Promoting Your Practice. (Adobe Acrobat, 790K. Click on the image to the right if you can't read Adobe Acrobat files.) Read this article to find out more about using your current desktop environment to its fullest potential. You'll learn everything you need to know to create professional, appealing materials to enhance your practice. Note: This article was reprinted from the January/February 1997 issue of Chiropractic Economics. To find out more about CE, visit their Web site (see Site-Seeing on menu bar for a direct link to their site).

Not quite sure how to use clip art with your application? You may find your answers in the ChiroClips Technical Documentation. You can read it online as a text file.

Wallpaper! Are you ready to decorate? If you use Windows, you can create computer wallpaper that keeps you and your staff focused on chiropractic. Create the image and save it to your C:/Windows directory,  Once you have the image, you'll need to point to it. Select the Display option in your Control Panel (either through Start/Settings, or My Computer). Select Tab: Background. Select image: ccAdj1 . We prefer the Tile option of Display, but Center works, too! To change the color of your desktop titles to complement your new wallpaper, select tab: Appearance, Item: desktop, and choose a color. Now, apply the changes and enjoy!

Our Love Those Logos images are the perfect choice for making your own wallpaper. Use the Paint application found in your Accessories folder to change size and add color.

Please check in again soon!